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Spread of COVID-19 and consumption trends

Part 1 : Trend in consumer issues and consumer's attitude / behavior
Chapter 2 : [Feature] Consumer behaviors in "New Lifestyle" - Changes in "grounds for consumption decisions" -
Section 1 : Spread of COVID-19 and consumption trends

Spread of COVID-19 and consumption

  • In 2020, the consumption fell rapidly from March to May, and then picked up.
  • In comparison between assets and services, expenditures on assets (goods) increased slightly, whereas expenditures on services decreased.
  • Regarding the component ratio of each item, expenditures on food increased, whereas expenditures for travel and eating out decreased. This indicates that the so-called "stay-at-home consumption" rose, whereas outing-related consumption fell.

[Figure I-2-1-1] Trends in Synthetic Consumption Index

[Figure I-2-1-3] Transitions of asset/service expenditures

[Figure I-2-1-4] Changes in the breakdown of asset/service expenditures

  • In 2020, consumption expenditures fell significantly in April to June, compared with January to March, but the total expenditures using the internet rose.
  • In terms of the age groups to which the heads of households belonged, the total expenditures using the internet also increased in all of the age groups.

[Figure I-2-1-9] Transition of household expenditures and expenditures using the internet

[Figure I-2-1-10] Transition of expenditures using the internet (by age group of the heads of households)