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Consumers' attitudes/behaviors in “New Lifestyle”

Part 1 : Trend in consumer issues and consumer's attitude / behavior
Chapter 2 : [Feature] Consumer behaviors in "New Lifestyle" - Changes in "grounds for consumption decisions" -
Section 2 : Consumers' attitudes/behaviors in "New Lifestyle"

Consumers' attitudes/behaviors in "New Lifestyle"
- Whether there are any changes in the ways consumers spend their time and their consumption in "New Lifestyle" -

  • About 70% of consumers feel "secure" to purchase goods/services on the internet. As the age increases, the proportion of consumers who feel "secure" decreases.
  • Regarding "worries" concerning purchasing goods/services on the internet, more than 60% of consumers answered "Personal information is leaked/misused," "Goods/services are not as expected" and "Unwanted advertising emails are sent."

[Figure I-2-2-17] Confidence to purchase goods/services on the internet (by age group)

[Figure I-2-2-18] Worries/experiences when purchasing goodsservices on the internet