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About Us

Outline of the Consumer Affairs Agency

Our Mission

The Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan (CAA) is a central administrative organization headed by Minister of State for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety under the authority of Prime Minister.
The mission of the CAA is protecting and promoting consumer rights and interests by shaping consumer policy, requesting other government members to take appropriate actions, and preventing deceptive and unfair business practices through law enforcement.


Information on the Minister, State Minister, and Parliamentary Vice-Minister.

Minister of State for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety


State Minister OGUSHI Masaki
Parliamentary Vice-Minister OZAKI Masanao


Commissioner, Consumer Affairs Agency

ARAI Yutaka


Organization of the Consumer Affairs Agency

Organizations associated with the Consumer Affairs Agency

Consumer Commission

The Consumer Commission investigates and discusses various consumer issues as a third-party organization in the Cabinet Office. It submits proposals and recommendations to the Consumer Affairs Agency and relevant government ministries and agencies as needed.

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan

An incorporated administrative agency governed by the Consumer Affairs Agency. It supports local consumer centers and provides consultation, mediation, ADR, training, and product testing.