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Consumer Research

White Paper on Consumer Affairs

The Consumer Affairs Agency researches and analyzes consumer issues for better consumer policy. For example, the CAA conducts a Basic Survey on Consumer Life once a year and has estimated consumer detriment since 2013. The outcomes from such research and analysis are put together, coupled with the progress of consumer policy by the government, and are published in the form of the White Paper on Consumer Affairs on an annual basis.

Checking commodity price movements

Public utility pricing policy

When public utility charges are to be revised, the Consumer Affairs Agency engages in discussions with governing ministries and agencies for protecting consumer benefits. In the event of any important decision on or revision of public utility charges, the CAA takes more rigorous stand by submitting the matter to a relevant ministerial meeting.

Commodity price monitor survey

In order to keep track of price movements of commodity goods and services (25 items), consumer awareness to commodity price movements and consumption accurately and promptly, the Consumer Affairs Agency conducts a commodity price monitor survey once a month by 2,000 respondents who are located nationwide.

Promotion of consumer-oriented management

In order to realize a sustainable, better society, it is necessary to cooperate and work with consumers and businesses as well as administrative bodies. Based on the belief that consumer-oriented business activities (i.e. consumer-oriented management) of businesses lead to a sound market, the Consumer Affairs Agency promotes consumer-oriented management in businesses.
The CAA has established the consumer-oriented management promotion organization "Platform" which consists of business organizations and consumer organizations. Promotional activities such as "voluntary declaration of consumer-orientation and follow-up activities" are developed nationwide.
The "voluntary declaration of consumer-orientation and follow-up activities" are activities of businesses in which they voluntarily declare and publicly announce that they will conduct consumer-oriented management, take actions based on the declaration, and follow up on and publicly announce the results.