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About the symbol mark

Symbol Mark


  • The whole is composed of fresh three colors, each represents:
    • [Yellow]Consumer
    • [Blue]Safe and Secure
    • [Light green]An affluent society
  • By using handwritten brush strokes, the mark expresses that the Consumer Affairs Agency is an open and friendly agency, a control tower of consumer administration, connecting "consumer","safety and security" and "affluent society".
  • It also leads to the basic philosophy of the Consumer Affairs Agency, "standing closer to consumers, standing in the position of consumers".

About the usage of the Consumer Affairs Agency symbol mark

Please note that the usage of the symbol mark belongs to the Consumer Affairs Agency. However, it can be used in the following cases:

  1. (1)When making materials and goods with the symbol mark based on the request from the Consumer Affairs Agency.
  2. (2)When using the symbol mark to events to show the Consumer Affairs Agency co-host or participate, or in materials and goods for projects and events to inform the Consumer Affairs Agency being co-host, sponsor, or in cooperation.
  3. (3) In other cases where the Consumer Affairs Agency approves to use the symbol mark as appropriate for PR activities.