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About the symbol mark

Symbol Mark


  • The whole is composed of fresh three colors, each is
    ・[Blue]Safe and Secure
    ・[Light green]A society that can live prosperously
    It shows.
  • By using handwritten brush strokes, we express that we are more familiar institutions more familiar to the people, and "consume", "safety and security" and "society where we can live prosperously" "consumption" The role of the Consumer Affairs Agency, which is the command tower of the administrative administration and the role of the engine, is shaped.
  • It also leads to the basic philosophy of the Consumer Affairs Agency, "standing closer to consumers, standing in the position of consumers".

About the use of the consumer agency symbol mark

Those other than the Consumer Agency can not use the symbol mark in principle. However, it can be used in the following cases.

  1. (1)When linking to the Consumer Agency homepage using the symbol mark
  2. (2)When using the symbol marks to display that the Consumer Affairs Agency co-hosts events, etc. co-sponsored or participated by the Consumer Agency, or materials and goods to be produced in businesses / events that undertake sponsorship, sponsorship, cooperation, etc.
  3. (3)In other cases where it is useful for the public information activities of the Consumer Agency and the Consumer Affairs Authority has approved its use

If you would like to use the symbol mark of the Consumer Affairs Agency, please submit a prior request for approval to the head of the General Affairs Division through the department in charge of the project.