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White Paper on Consumer Affairs 2015 (Summary) -Table of Contents-

Part 1 : Today's consumer issues and consumers' behavior/attitude

Part 2 : Implementation of consumer policy

  • Part 2 : Implementation of consumer policy

    Chapter 1 : Respecting consumer rights and supporting consumer independence

    Chapter 2 : Cooperating⁄collaborating with local governments and consumer groups and ensuring⁄improving effectiveness of consumer policy

    Chapter 3 : Adapting to socioeconomic development and other changes in the situation

  • Reference

    Consumer accident information reported to the Consumer Affairs Agency and measures taken by the Consumer Affairs Agency under the Consumer Safety Act (omitted)

  • PIO-NET information shown in this document is as of April 27, 2015.
  • It takes some time before consultations accepted by local consumer affairs centers are registered as PIO-NET information.
    The numbers of consultations indicated in this document, especially those for FY 2014, are subject to slight increase.
  • The value M.T. indicated in survey results refers to the rate calculated by dividing the total count of answers by the number of respondents (N).
    This value usually exceeds 100% for questions that accept multiple answers.