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Consumer Education Promotion Council

A law on promotion of consumer education (hereinafter referred to as "promotion law") was enacted at the 180th Diet, and the Consumer Education Promotion Council was established based on that law.
The Promotion Law was enacted with the aim of promoting consumer education in a comprehensive and integrated manner, and the Consumer Education Promotion Council is committed to promoting comprehensive, systematic and effective promotion of consumer education, It is stipulated as one of the administrative tasks to exchange and adjust.
To this end, the members of the Consumer Education Promotion Council shall be appointed as a member of a wide range of fields including consumers, business operators, education officials, consumer organizations, business organizations and other affiliate representatives, staff of knowledgeable experience administrative organizations By constructing and expressing opinions from each standpoint and exchanging information, we made it possible for consumer education to be more practical.
At the Consumer Education Promotion Council, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prepare a "draft" and give an opinion to the "Basic Policy on Promotion of Consumer Education (Basic Policy)" decided by the Cabinet Meeting It is regarded as administrative affairs.