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Policy List

  • Policy Planning

    - As the control tower of consumer affairs administration
    Promoting the efforts of relevant government ministries and agencies regarding consumer policies

  • Legal System Planning

    - For secure consumer living
    Building basic systems and environment related to consumers' lives

  • Consumer Education and Local Cooperation

    - Supporting the "front line"
    Supporting local efforts such as consumer education as well as establishment and expansion of Consumer Affairs Centers

  • Consumer Research

    - For secure living conditions
    Conducting research and analysis underlying consumer policies and ensuring cooperation with companies

  • Consumer Safety

    - Ensuring safety of life and health
    Ensuring safety of life and health of consumers

  • Consumer Transaction

    - For fair trade
    Establishing a market environment where consumers can purchase products and services with peace of mind

  • Representation

    - For safe shopping
    Protecting an environment where consumers can choose products and services properly

  • Food Labelling

    - For safe dietary life
    The food labelling system protects consumers' dietary life