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Policy Planning

Basic Plan on Consumer Policy

The Basic Plan on Consumer Policy is a five-year plan based on the Basic Act on Consumer Policy, which is established by the government for promoting consumer policy. This is decided by the Cabinet. The Plan is formulated to set forth the government guideline on policy measures intended to implement consumer policy in a systematic fashion so as to ensure protection and promotion of consumer interests.
The Plan provides a summary of, among other things, the basic direction of consumer policy, specific actions in each area and issue to be addressed with a special focus.

Measures to prevent financial detriment

Pursuant to the Consumer Safety Act, the Consumer Affairs Agency is working on preventing financial consumer detriment by taking prompt action to raise consumer awareness of dishonest business schemes. The CAA also takes an administrative action against the business concerned if necessary.

Sharing information on Internet-related consumer issues

The Consumer Affairs Agency regularly organizes an "Internet-Based Consumer Transaction Liaison Meeting," attended by relevant governmental bodies, trade associations and other experts, for exchanges of information and inputs with the aim of sharing Internet-related emerging issues and encouraging stakeholders to take actions.

International cooperation

  • Counselor for Consumer Research and International Affairs is in charge of International cooperation from July 1st, 2021.