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Trends in environmental changes that surround consumers

Part 1 : Trend in consumer issues and consumer's attitude / behavior
Chapter 1 : Results of information gathering and analysis on consumer accidents
Section 6 : Trends in environmental changes that surround consumers

  • The growth of the e-commerce market is based on widespread use of the internet in consumer transactions.
  • Flea market application programs were introduced in 2012 and has grown into a massive market (639.2 billion yen) within 6 years.
  • More cashless transactions by consumers. 84.7% answered that they had been using cashless settlement by December of 2019.

[Figure Ⅰ-1-6-18] Transition of e-commerce (B to C) market size in Japan

[Figure Ⅰ-1-6-20] Estimated market size of flea market application programs*

* "Flea market application programs" refer to special applications that allow individuals to casually sell objects like flea markets by using smartphones, etc., allowing purchase and sale between individuals. ("FY2015 Report on infrastructure establishment in preparation for the shift to information/service-based economic society in Japan " by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (June, 2016)).

Utilization status of cashless settlement (2019)