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Major consumer policies by the Consumer Affairs Agency

Part 2 : Implementation of consumer policy
Chapter 1 : Major consumer policies by the Consumer Affairs Agency

"Part 2 Chapter 1" describes results of policies implemented by the Consumer Affairs Agency in FY2021.

Section 1 The Basic Plan on Consumer Policy

Section 2 Preventing consumer harm

  • (1) Ensuring consumer safety
  • (2) Ensuring consumer opportunities for independent and reasonable selections
  • (3) Establishing the framework to process complaints from consumers and settle disputes

Section 3 Promotion of economic / social structural reforms through consumers' participation, etc. to fair and sustainable society

  • (1) Coordination and cooperation between consumers and business operators that contribute to development of sustainable society
  • (2) Promotion of voluntary efforts to improve compliance in business activities

Section 4 Practice of "New Lifestyle" Flexible / focused response to other various issues

  • (1) Simultaneous realization of protection and promotion of consumer profits in digital society
  • (2) Response to the spread of COVID-19, etc.
  • (3) Response to globalized development of consumer affairs

Section 5 Promotion of consumer education and providing information for consumers

Section 6 Establishing the structure to promote consumer administration

  • (1) Establishing local systems
  • (2) Role of the Consumer Affairs Agency Strategic Headquarters for Frontiers of Consumer Policy and its efforts