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Actualization of a truly fulfilling life and the youth

Part 1 : Trends in consumer issues and consumers' attitude/behavior
Chapter 3 : [Feature] Consumption by the youth
Section 4 : Actualization of a truly fulfilling life and the youth

For realizing a truly fulfilling life, the participation of the youth is indispensable.

  • Today's youth grew up in the time when there was employment destabilization and experienced a long-term sluggish growth within the economical conditions. Therefore, they are strongly concerned about their future, and according to the survey, there is a trend of their consumer attitude being frugal and cautious.
  • Since their childhood, they have been raised in an environment where the Internet, etc. are used, and thus they are skillful in communication through the use of IT. Information on SNS, etc. influences their consumption behavior.
    • [Distribution of time]
      Mobile phones, smartphones, etc. are indispensable for their living. A large number of people use phones for more than 3 hours or more a day.
    • [Collection of information]
      The Internet for collecting information is frequently used. Consumer attitude is influenced by SNS, and purchase reviews, etc.
    • [Posting of information]
      People posting information regarding personal affairs on SNS, etc., and sometimes do activities in order to share them on SNS.
  • In order to raise the effectiveness of the measures for the youth to support them in becoming independent consumers (consumer education, etc.),
    1. ① It is necessary to match the needs and interests of the youth.
    2. ② Active involvement and participation of the youth themselves (active learning) is thought to be effective.
    Especially, the participation of the youth is important.
    • Messages from the youth are easily conveyed to the people in the same or a slightly younger age group.
    • The youth themselves can learn more, and their growth to become a leader can beexpected.
    • They are more skillful in conveying messages with videos and picture than the older age groups.
  • To realize a truly fulfilling life, it is indispensable for the youth themselves to actively take part, as consumers who use and popularize the products and services which corresponds to innovative technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc., as well as understanding their attitude as they are ahead of the changes of the time.