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To solve plastic waste issues

Part 1 : Trend in consumer issues and consumer's attitude / behavior
Chapter 2 : [Feature] Responsibility to create, responsibility to use, and responsibility to reduce - Reduction of food loss and waste for sustainable society -
Section 3 : To solve plastic waste issues

Actions to reduce plastic waste and consumers' awareness

  • It is important to reduce unnecessary use of plastic and use it intelligently and skillfully.

Plastics Smart

[Current situation]

  • Plastic has contributed to the development of the industrial world and the solution of social issues through its functional sophistication.
  • On the other hand, it also comes with issues, such as fossil fuel consumption and marine plastic litter.


  • Not only promote 3R of plastic but also switch to recycled materials and renewable resources

*3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

  1. (1) Thorough promotion of reduction, etc.
    → Thoroughly reduce plastic that is unnecessarily used/disposed of
  2. (2) Effective/efficient and sustainable collection/recycle
    →Disseminate/enlighten the concept of "If mixed together, its garbage. If separated, it's a resource."
  3. (3) Promotion of use of recycled materials/bioplastic

Charged plastic bags at stores

Starting on July 1, 2020, plastic shopping bags will be for charge throughout the country. Through this effort, we aim to reform consumers' lifestyles and control excess use.

[Figure Ⅰ-2-3-6] Awareness regarding one-way plastic containers and packaging/products when shopping

[Figure Ⅰ-2-3-7] Awareness regarding plastic shopping bags when shopping

Efforts to reduce plastic waste

  • In order to reduce plastic waste, efforts through cooperation of business operators, consumers, administrations, etc. are important.

Kao Corporation

They reduce the usage of plastic package though "Refills/Replacements".

  • - They declared "Our Philosophy & Action on Plastic Packaging" and promote reduction, etc. of plastic usage through various efforts.
  • - Plastic volume used in "Refills/Replacements" is approximately 1/6 of the conventional detergent bottle.

Volume comparison (Same number of loads) From the right: (1) Conventional laundry detergent bottle (2) Compact laundry detergent bottle (3) Refill package


They have realized circulating PET bottle recycling scheme in-store collection for the first time in the world.

  • - They install PET bottle reverse vending machine in stores.
  • - They give reward points to cooperating consumers according to the PET bottles they inserted.
  • - They collaborate with some local public organizations and promote the efforts through industry-public-private collaboration.
  • - The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which are collected in only 7&i Group.

PET bottle volume reduction collection machine installed in stores

iKasa (Nature Innovation Group)

Global environment-friendly umbrella sharing economy

  • - Umbrella sharing service with the concept of providing "experience of staying dry."
  • - For business operators, customer attraction effect is expected due to increased convenience for users.
  • - For users, it not only leads to money saving but also leads to reduction of waste, as unnecessary plastic umbrellas do not accumulate in households.

Umbrella sharing service

Tochigi Prefecture

Japan's first plastic waste zero declaration by a prefecture and all municipalities in the prefecture

  • - In August of 2019, the prefecture and all 25 municipalities in the prefecture
    "Tochigi's Declaration of Zero Plastic Waste in Forests, the Countryside, Rivers, and Lakes."
  • - They promote the "prefectural office share bag" project, in which unnecessary
    eco bags are effectively used (reused/shared)
  • - They promote a demonstration project regarding the use of straws using biodegradable plastic.

prefectural office share bag