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Establishment of the consumer administration systems of the national and local governments

Part 2 : Implementation of consumer policy
Chapter 1 : Major consumer policy at the Consumer Affairs Agency
Section 7 : Establishment of the consumer administration systems of the national and local governments

Work towards strengthening local consumer administration.

  • It is necessary to further strengthen local consumer administration, so that consumers will be able to receive high-quality consultation and relief services as well as to ensure their safety and remove their anxiety anywhere they live.
  • 5 goals were set in "the campaign for strengthening local consumer administration." Objectives were set related to the establishment of Regional Councils for Ensuring Consumer Safety after the Consumer Safety Act was revised in March 2015 (enacted on April 1, 2016).

Figure Ⅱ-1-7-8 Progress of "the campaign for strengthening local consumer administration"

More usage and popularization of consumer hotline "188 (I-ya-ya)."

  • The "consumer hotline," whose number is common nationwide, will connect consumers to a nearby consultation office for consumer affairs established by local governments.
  • To allow consumers to remember and use the number more easily, the number of the "consumer hotline" became 3-digit "188 (I-ya-ya, which implies irritation)" in July 2015. The number of calls almost doubled, from the time when the 10-digit number was used.
  • 3.3% of people knew the "name," "number," and "content" of the consumer hotline. This figure is 6.0% for people of 70 years & over, and 2.0% in the 10s.
  • We are conducting awareness spreading activities such as flier distribution, etc. in campaigns to prevent the elderly from being involved in fraud and trouble. In the future we will also proceed with promoting such activities to the youth.

Figure Ⅱ-1-7-10 Flier of "consumer hotline" 188

Establishment of the Office of Consumer Policy Frontier

  • Received a proposal for relocation from Tokushima Prefecture based on the "Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy Comprehensive Strategy" (approved at the Cabinet meeting on December 27, 2014) and examined it via trial operations, etc. that were carried out in March and July of 2016.
  • Based on the trials, etc. the decision was made to establish the "Office of Consumer Policy Frontier" in Tokushima Prefecture in FY2017.
  • In this office, having obtained the cooperation of Tokushima Prefecture, we will conduct the following intensively:
    1. ① Theoretical and advanced investigation and research
    2. ② Model projects focused on nationwide operation etc.
  • We will review and revise them based on the work environment and the office's results in roughly three years.

Figure Ⅱ-1-7-12 The Office of Consumer Policy Frontier