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Implementation of consumer policy

Part 2 :Implementation of consumer policy

Part 2 focuses on the results of policies implemented in FY 2013, including those carried out by related ministries.

Chapter 1 Respecting consumer rights and supporting consumer independence

  • Section 1 : Ensuring consumers safety and reliability
    1. Structure for quick collection and provision of accurate information
    2. Analysis and cause investigation of accidents
    3. Ensuring food safety
    4. Other policies to ensure consumers safety and reliability
  • Section 2 : Giving consumers opportunity to make a voluntary and rational choice
    1. Policies to ensure legitimate transactions with consumers
    2. Policies to ensure appropriate labeling, standards and measurement
    3. Policies to promote fair prices and utility rates
  • Section 3 : Fostering consumer awareness campaigns and enhancing consumer education
    1. Systematic and comprehensive promotion of consumer education
    2. Promoting and supporting consumer education at school
    3. Promoting and supporting consumer education in communities
    4. Awareness raising and information provision for consumers
  • Section 4 : Incorporating consumer opinions into consumer policies and making them transparent
  • Section 5 : Helping consumers and facilitating the resolution of consumer complaints and disputes
    1. Establishment of a consumer redress system
    2. Cooperation with institutions engaged in alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Chapter 2 : Cooperating/collaborating with local governments and consumer groups and ensuring/improving effectiveness of consumer policy

  • Section 1 : Supporting and collaborating with local governments
  • Section 2 : Collaborating with consumer groups
  • Section 3 : Facilitating voluntary efforts by businesses and their associations
  • Section 4 : Expanding and enhancing administrative organization

Chapter 3 : Adapting to socioeconomic development and other changes in the situation

  • Section 1 : Promoting environmentally conscious consumption behavior and business activities
  • Section 2 : Meeting the development of an advanced information and communication society
  • Section 3 : Addressing the development of internationalization
  • Section 4 : Efforts to help consumers after the Great East Japan Earthquake