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Situation of food loss and efforts to reduce it

Part 1 : Today's consumer issues and consumers' behavior/attitude
Chapter 1 : [Feature1] Food-related consumer issues: Restoring confidence in food and ensuring food safety
Section 3 : Situation of food loss and efforts to reduce it

Large amounts of food is wasted at each stage of production, distribution and consumption, making food loss reduction a major challenge

  • When food that can still be eaten is discarded, it is considered as "food loss." The annual food loss in Japan amounts to 5 to 8 million tons. This is equivalent to rice production in Japan (about 8 million tons).
  • The combined percentage of those who "know well" and those who "somewhat know" about food loss is 64.5%. Survey results show that these people are more eager to reduce food loss than those who do not know about the issue.

Figure 1-3-3 64.5% said they know about food loss

Figure 1-3-5 Those who know about food loss are more eager to reduce it

Figure 1-3-7 Summary of report by the Opinion Exchange Meeting on Food Loss Reduction