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Main Function

Developing basic plans for consumer policies and scrutinizing and assessing them

  • -Developing basic plans for consumer policies to promote consumer policies of the entire government in a planned and integrated manner Scrutinizing and assessing developed plans every year

Preventing harm to consumers from occurring and spreading

  • -Collecting information concerning consumer accidents from consumers, companies, and administrative organs Registering collected information concerning consumer accidents in the accident information databank
  • -Analyzing consumer accidents, identifying the causes, and promoting awareness of consumers
  • -We urged each ministry and agency to respond to consumers' warnings and industry guidance, etc., and in which ministries and agencies do not deal with so-called "clearance matters" We will respond on our own
  • -Analyzing consumer accidents, identifying the causes, and promoting awareness of consumers
  • -Promoting the project to protect children from accidents

Setting in place an environment where consumers can make the right choice

  • -Strictly enforcing the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and Food Labeling Act against fraudulent business practices and false labeling
  • -Establishing necessary food labeling standards that are understandable to consumers
  • -Establishing legal systems that encourage companies to implement proper labeling

Protecting consumers' rights

  • -Building basic systems and environment related to consumers' life such as rules for consumer contracts and systems for redress of consumer damage

Addressing education and edification for consumers

  • -Promoting consumer education in an integrated and consistent manner by utilizing the Consumer Education Promotion Council established based on the Act on Promotion of Consumer Education

Monitoring commodity price movements and providing the information

  • -Engaging in discussions with governing ministries and agencies from the viewpoint of defending consumer benefits when public utility charges, etc. are to be revised
  • -Researching and disseminating information regarding trends in prices

Supporting local governments for consumer affairs

  • -Helping consumers in difficulty by supporting consultation services that support the "front line" of consumer affairs
  • -Supporting community planning to protect elderly consumers from consumer damage by sharing information collected via consumer consultation with the relevant bodies

Other tasks

  • -Making efforts to strengthen international collaboration on consumer policies
    • The Consumer Affairs Agency is making efforts to strengthen international collaboration on consumer policies by actively participating in international conferences such as the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP) and International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN). In addition, we will strengthen collaborative relationships with countries with strong economic relations with Japan through close political dialogue.
  • -Making efforts to Whistleblower protection system
  • -Making efforts to reduce food waste
  • -Making efforts to prevent the occurrence and/or spreading of consumer damage related to the Internet
  • -Promoting consumers' understanding of food and radiation
  • -Promoting easy-to-understand ways to show the consumption tax and monitoring price-gouging