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Ensuring of the safety of consumers | Summary -Part 1 Chapter 4, Section 2-

Part 1 : Today's consumer issues and consumers' behavior/attitude
Chapter 4 : Development of consumer policy
Section 2 : Ensuring of the safety of consumers

Response to incidents in FY2015 (1)
Response to the ski bus accident

  • In January 2016, 15 people were killed in an accident in Karuizawa when a ski bus fell off a road.
  • The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism published an interim report on March 29 after discussing the prevention measures at the accident prevention committee. They are planning to publish a comprehensive report by summer.
  • CAA ran a survey on the users' awareness on safety. It revealed that, while the consumers were prepared to pay the premiums for the safety measures, systems such as the “SAFETY BUS” mark was hardly known to them.
  • CAA and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will collaborate to work on the visualization of the bus safety, etc.

Figure4-2-1 "SAFETY BUS" mark Figure4-2-2 Public Recognition of "SAFETY BUS" mark

Response to incidents in FY2015 (2)
Response to illegal trading of discarded food products

  • In January 2016, illegal reselling of discarded food products by an industrial waste service company has come to light.
  • At the moment (as of end of March 2016), the whole picture has still not become clear but the implementable measures have been compiled to prevent the reoccurrences, etc.
  • The incident is verified and countermeasures is discussed as needed when the whole picture becomes clear.