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Information on consumer accidents related to consumers' life and health | Summary -Part 1 Chapter 3, Section 2-

Part 1 : Today's consumer issues and consumers' behavior/attitude
Chapter 3 : Trends in consumer issues
Section 2 : Information on consumer accidents related to consumers' life and health

Consultations on damage/risk information is on a decline from FY2014

  • Among consumer affairs consultations in FY2015, 14,447 cases were classified as "damage/risk information."
  • 10,177 cases were "damage information" while 4,270 were "risk information," both of which decreased compared with the consultations in the previous fiscal year.
  • "Skin problems" was the most frequently reported "damage information" while "mixed foreign substances" was the highest among "risk information."

Figure-3-2-8 Number of cases involving damage/risk information

Caution for accidental ingestion of children and elderly people

  • There reported accidental ingestion of water absorbing polymer balls by children, and of PTP packaging sheets (pill packaging) by elderly people.
  • Accidental ingestion by children may be overlooked and become serious risks, without their parents attendance.
  • To prevent accidental ingestion, PTP packaging sheets need to be taken care of without separation.

Figure-3-2-13 Marketed product of water absorbing polymerballs that expand in water (image) Figure-3-2-14 Expanding observed as immersed in artificial liquid

Figure-3-2-21 PTP packaging sheets (image) Figure-3-2-22 A PTP packaging sheet impaled on esophagus (endoscopic photo)