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For strengthening the base of local consumer administration | Summary -Part 1 Chapter 1, Section 5-

Part 1 : Today's consumer issues and consumers' behavior/attitude
Chapter 1 : [Feature] For the enhancement and strengthening of local consumer administration
Section 5 : For strengthening the base of local consumer administration

For strengthening local consumer administration

  • It is necessary to strengthen local consumer administration further, so that consumers will be able to receive high-quality consultation and relief services as well as to secure safety and remove anxiety anywhere they live.
  • Recognition and utilization of the consumer hotline "188".
  • As consumers, especially elderly people, hope to consult a nearby consultation office, we promote the establishment of local consumer affairs centers, including small ones, in municipalities.
  • Employment of consumer administration staff and consumer affairs advisors, and improvement of their abilities (Under the Amended Consumer Safety Act, consumer affairs advisors became statutory and a system for a qualifying test was established in April 2016).
  • In order to prevent credulous elderly consumers and others from suffering from grave consumer problems, we promote the establishment of a regional "Protector Network."
  • It is necessary to enable citizens to receive consumer education in various scenes throughout their lives. As footholds, local consumer affairs centers support various actors in each region, and cement the cooperation with related organizations.

Figure1-5-1 Efforts for strengthening local consumer administration