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White Paper on Consumer Affairs 2015 [Summary]

Part 1 Today’s consumer issues and consumers’ behavior⁄attitude

Chapter 4 Development of consumer policy

Section 3 Enhancing and strengthening local consumer administration

Appointing mascot characters as consumer education ambassadors
  • The Consumer Affairs Agency established a system to appoint mascot characters officially approved by local governments as consumer education ambassadors in order to promote consumer education at a local level.
  • The purpose is to seek cooperation of mascot characters popular among local people in promoting consumer education and disseminating the concept of consumer citizenship.
  • Seven ambassadors were appointed in FY 2014, and nine more since the beginning of FY 2015.


Presentation of the letter of commission to ShusseDaimyo Ieyasukun (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture)Local consumer affairs center’s official car painted with images of Isshokenmei! Inunakin! (Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture)

Kinokawa Purupuru-musume working for food education (Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture)

Kasai Kodomo Mizenbugyo team in action on the street (Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture)

Kikkun in a consumer education event (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)

* Photographs show mascots appointed in FY 2014.
The number appointed in FY 2015 is as of May 2015.

Every municipality has its own consumer affairs consultation office
  • Since the establishment of the Consumer Affairs Agency, local consumer administration has been enhanced and strengthened in terms of both legislation (Consumer Safety Act) and budget (Local Consumer Administration Vitalization Funds, etc.).
  • As of March 2015, every local government has its own consumer affairs consultation office.
  • There are 763 local consumer affairs centers across Japan. Although the overall structure has been strengthened, establishing local consumer affairs centers is less common mainly among small municipalities.

Figure 4-3-8(2) Achievement of the local consumer administration enhancement campaign(promotion of the establishment of local consumer affairs centers)

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