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White Paper on Consumer Affairs 2015 [Summary]

Part 1 Today’s consumer issues and consumers’ behavior⁄attitude

Chapter 1 [Feature] Globalization and consumer issues

Section 1 Globalization of consumer life

Consumer life is globalizing as the mobility of goods and people increases
  • Japan’s import value of consumer goods increased from 9.7 trillion in 1990 to as much as 17.9 trillion in 2014.
  • Visitor arrivals reached a record high of 13.41 million in 2014. Travel consumption by tourists has expanded.
  • With the widespread availability of the Internet, individual consumers have become able to purchase directly from businesses outside Japan.

Figure 1-1-1 Trends in the import value of consumer goods

Figure 1-1-7 Trends in the visitor arrivals and Japanese overseas travelers

Imported goods and foreign visitors make consumers realize globalization
  • Consumers are feeling more connected with foreign countries as they see plenty of imported food and products around them and many foreigners visiting Japan.
  • Consumers carefully check the labels of imported food and products.

Figure 1-1-11 Sources of feelings of connection with foreign countries

Figure 1-1-14 Consumers’ attitude toward purchase of imported food and products( e.g., checking labels)

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