Consumer Affairs Agency, Government Of Japan
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White Paper on Consumer Affairs 2015 [Summary]

Table of Contents

Part 2 Implementation of consumer policy

Chapter 1 Respecting consumer rights and supporting consumer independence

Chapter 2 Cooperating⁄collaborating with local governments and consumer groups and ensuring⁄improving effectiveness of consumer policy

Chapter 3 Adapting to socioeconomic development and other changes in the situation


Consumer accident information reported to the Consumer Affairs Agency and measures taken by the Consumer Affairs Agency under the Consumer Safety Act (omitted)

  • PIO-NET information shown in this document is as of April 27, 2015.
  • It takes some time before consultations accepted by local consumer affairs centers are registered as PIO-NET information.
    The numbers of consultations indicated in this document, especially those for FY 2014, are subject to slight increase.
  • The value M.T. indicated in survey results refers to the rate calculated by dividing the total count of answers by the number of respondents (N).
    This value usually exceeds 100% for questions that accept multiple answers.

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