Consumer Affairs Agency, Government Of Japan
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White Paper on Consumer Affairs 2014 [Summary]

Part 2 Implementation of consumer policy

Part 2 focuses on the results of policies implemented in FY 2013, including those carried out by related ministries.

Chapter 1 Respecting consumer rights and supporting consumer independence

Section 1 Ensuring consumers safety and reliability

Section 2 Giving consumers opportunity to make a voluntary and rational choice

Section 3 Fostering consumer awareness campaigns and enhancing consumer education

Section 4 Incorporating consumer opinions into consumer policies and making them transparent

Section 5 Helping consumers and facilitating the resolution of consumer complaints and disputes

Chapter 2 Cooperating/collaborating with local governments and consumer groups and ensuring/improving effectiveness of consumer policy

Section 1 Supporting and collaborating with local governments

Section 2 Collaborating with consumer groups

Section 3 Facilitating voluntary efforts by businesses and their associations

Section 4 Expanding and enhancing administrative organization

Chapter 3 Adapting to socioeconomic development and other changes in the situation

Section 1 Promoting environmentally conscious consumption behavior and business activities

Section 2 Meeting the development of an advanced information and communication society

Section 3 Addressing the development of internationalization

Section 4 Efforts to help consumers after the Great East Japan Earthquake

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