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White Paper on Consumer Affairs 2014 [Summary]

Part 1 Today’s consumer issues and consumers’ behavior/attitude

Chapter 1 【Feature1】Food-related consumer issues
- Restoring confidence in food and ensuring food safety -

Section 2 Ensuring food safety

A case where frozen foods were deliberately tainted with pesticide occurred

A case was discovered in December 2013 in which a factory worker is suspected to have deliberately tainted frozen foods with pesticide.

The business operating the factory voluntarily recalled all the suspicious products, while related ministries and agencies collaborated in raising awareness of consumers, requesting retailers and wholesalers’ to cooperate on the matter, and conducting other activities.

Figure 1-2-4 Major developments of the case involving Aqli Foods Corp.’s frozen foods tainted with pesticide

Figure 1-2-1 Consultations on “prepared frozen foods” of “Aqli Foods” received by local consumer affairs centers decreased as operations at Aqli Foods’ call center improved

Fewer people are concerned about radioactive material in food

In response to concerns over radioactive material in food after the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011, related ministries and agencies have been striving to prevent groundless rumors by improving inspection systems, providing consumers with relevant information, and engaging in risk communication.

The percentage of those who hesitate to buy food produced in Fukushima among those concerned about radioactive material in food declined from 19.4% in February 2013 to 15.3% in February 2014.

Figure 1-2-6 Fewer people hesitate to buy food produced in Fukushima and elsewhere in eastern Japan

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